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Test - Poslovna angleščina

Tokratni test je posvečen angleščini, ki jo uporabljamo v poslovne namene. S kratkim pregledom besedišča in uporabnih fraz preverite svoje znanje. Ste zadovoljni z rezultatom?

A.      Kaj rečemo, ko …?

1.       nas zanima cena določenega izdelka?
a)      How much money?
b)      Could you tell me how much it costs?
c)       Where can I pay?

2.       ne razumemo najbolje sogovornika, ker govori zelo hitro.
a)      Could you speak louder? I don't understand you.
b)      Could you please speak more slowly? I didn't understand.
c)       Please, say it again.

3.       iščemo pisarno gospoda Browna.
a)      Could you tell me where Mr Brown's office is?
b)      Where's Mr. Brown?
c)       I'm searching for Mr. Brown, please.

4.       se odločamo o nakupu izdelka in potrebujemo več informacij.
a)      We need more informations about the machine.
b)      We'd like to see the machine's informations.
c)       We need more information about the machine.

5.       Uradno elektronsko sporočilo začnemo z nazivom:
a)      Hi Sirs,
b)      Dear Sir or Madam,
c)       Hello everyone,

B.      How would you react in the following examples? Kako bi odreagirali v naslednjih primerih?

1.       Would you mind moving our meeting to Tuesday?
a)      Sorry, I can't make Tuesday. How about Wednesday?
b)      Sure. It's ten o' clock.
c)       Sorry, I'm in the middle of something. Get it yourself.

2.       Would you mind moving elsewhere to talk? I cannot concentrate.
a)      Of course, I'll pick you up at about eight.
b)      It's my office too, you know, but I'll try to be quieter.
c)       Sorry, I'm in the middle of something.

3.       What shall we do about their offer?
a)      I think we should leave that to one side for the time being.
b)      How about next Friday?
c)       Why not Baker? He's used to working in Eastern Europe.

C.      Match the sentence halves.  Povežite stavke v ustrezne celote.

1.       It's been a lot of hard work, but she
2.       If everything goes smoothly, we
3.       At long last, their hard work and investment is
a)      beginning to bear fruit.
b)      seems to be really making a go of her dry-cleaning business.
c)       should be in Vancouver in plenty of time for the start of the negotiation.

Rešitve: A: 1b, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5b; B: 1a, 2c, 3a; C: 1b, 2c, 3a

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